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Guest Apple - Spondyville

Humor plays a large roll in how we deal with our health issues. When things look especially bad I know it can be difficult to find levity but to me laughter is vital for our survival. Think of Patch Adams, the doctor that Robin Williams played in the movie that was named for the man who is loved for the way he deals with his patients. He heals with laughter.

Laughter has been studied and shown to release endorphins which are brain chemicals that are known for making us feel good. So why wouldn’t we go out of our way to laugh, to actually work at it until it becomes natural or to… gosh, I don’t know… prescribe it! I find Mr. Bean hysterical and I’ll always laugh at the “more cow bell” skit from Saturday Night Live and when Jennifer Grey kicks the principal in the face on Ferris Bueller, I deep belly laugh each time. I love to laugh and I love clever humor which is why I love Michael Smiths’ Spondyville. Michael created a website to help people dealing with Spondylitis. He is a fierce advocate for AS Awareness and holds TWO online support group meetings every Saturday and he’s done these meetings every week for years.

Spondyville is a virtual town that he created to give people a place to gather! I applaud his efforts to talk about the disease, support others, and… to make us laugh.  I am so glad that there are so many creative and dedicated people working to help others with spondylitis. All of our efforts count. Every different approach helps us to talk about a difficult topic. I admire him and his wit and commitment very much.

In October he holds Octoberblest 31 days to remind ourselves we are not our disease. Now that’s awesome! We all need to remember this. On many days it can feel very difficult because the pain won’t let us forget. But… I urge you to visit Spondyville. Learning about this difficult disease doesn’t need to be so serious all the time. Humor is an important and valued part of what Michael gives the AS community and he has been a constant and dedicated advocate and a very good friend to so many. Thank you Michael for all that you do and for healing us with your magical town called Spondyville.

Love & gentle hugs,


***Thank you so much Michael for all of your support and for being with me at Apple-A-Thon. Michael created 15 apples! Here are a couple more of my favorites.

Guest Apple - Michael Smith

Guest Apple - Michael Smith


This is a piece I created in Crayola Markers and Pastels for the Draw A Snowspondy Contest!
Snowspondy Picasso




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  1. October 16, 2011 at 4:52 am

    Hi Jenna!
    Hope things are settling down now for you. What an amazing time it has been!
    I love a laugh and enjoyed the ‘more cow bell’ skit which I hadn’t seen before:) You may have seen this It really tickles me.
    I’ve just had a longer look at “Spondyville”. Michael has put a lot of work into it. It’s very clever and I can imagine it resonates with many folk. I like his ‘garden of Eden’ apple :)

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