What A Wonderful Time We Had!

Apple-A-Thon Fundraising Dollars to SAAI am thrilled to announce the total raised for the Apple A Thon was just a smidge over the goal of $5000. I call that a success!

We did have some expenses – well a lot of expenses actually but we only took out some of them like the cost to collect the money which was considerable – close to 10% between the paypal and the causevox websites. We also needed to pay shipping costs to people all over the world and printing costs of the Art Posters which is a pretty penny for 24″x36″ full color posters. The good news on the Art Poster cost is that we have quite a few to continue to sell to raise more money for SAA going forward. But we did not take out the cost of our airfare, our hotel rooms, the room rental, the art supplies, and many many other items. These costs were absorbed by my family in support of a great cause and an amazing organization – The spondylitis Association of America! But thanks to many of you we did a great job!

Drum roll please…

Doug just left for the UPS store to mail a check for $3750 to arrive by the 31st to qualify for matching funds grant! Which means $7500 for SAA!!! A big huge thank you to everyone who participated, supported, and cheered!

Until – the second annual Apple-A-Thon!


p.s. Not really – I’ve decided to post an apple a week indefinitely starting next week!

Also, for those of you who missed the XM Radio interview – here’s a link – thank you so much Tom for putting the audio file on your web server. http://www.bit.ly/tTuyju

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