An Angel From My Vault

AngelAndWindowI created this angel back in 2005. She has remained a simple line drawing for over 6 years partly because I see her as a very large 5 ft x 7 ft oil painting. Creating her has seemed an overwhelming endeavor all of these years so, she and I have been waiting for the right time for her to emerge from a canvas.

I’m sharing her today because it’s time. It may take me another year to complete her but by sharing her today it becomes the first step! This last year has taught me that starting is the hardest part but that once you commit and jump in it feels so much better. I will be creating a number of digital “colorations” and tracking the progress here with you. The digital colorations will be studies to help me determine where I’d like to go with the color pallet. Take a close look at the drawing – her wings have pattern and beyond the wings is what I imagine as a large stained glass window. I see her in my mind’s eye but I’m not sure where the pallet will end up.

I’m trying to teach myself how to create digital art which is soooooo not my forte. I enjoy seeing my drawings become crisp digital lines and the intense overall solid blocks of color. It is a different way to express myself and I know that for me to continue to progress as an artist I need to learn these skills. Stop in tomorrow for a cat illustration I’ve been working on!

Have a beautiful and peaceful day.


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1 comment for “An Angel From My Vault

  1. November 14, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    I just love this angel outline with the heart of color, Jenna. I look forward to seeing her evolve as you evolve into the coming year. You continue to inspire me so very much … ♥

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