Sow A Star Garden

I decided I wanted to create a painting for my friend Teresa. I love her twitter handle – @StarGardener! And ever since I met her I’ve had visions of her Star Garden in my mind.

I actually did two pieces as a sort of experiment. The first one was to be a quick idea of what I had in mind and one that I just “did” – with hopefully no over thinking so that I could feel the spontaneity of creating. This is what I love about making art – it is when I get the best endorphin rush from the process. The problem with it, if you will, is that “ya never know what you’re gonna get” and often it’s not something you really want to share. But when it clicks – it’s MAGIC!

Here are the two images side by side. At first glance you might not see the difference. Take a closer look. The image on the left is the one created without thought or worry of outcome. The image on the right was derived from the first and I sharpened and controlled the outcome a bit more. I like them both. Do you prefer one over the other?

To find out more about the inspiration behind these pieces please check out “Ideals Are Like Stars.”

There is also a FREE coloring download of Sow A Star Garden.


Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful day.




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  1. January 29, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    So very blessed to have you in my life!! ♥

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