These Flowers Are For You

I want you to know sweet beautiful friend, that I see you. I understand your pain and I am here sitting beside you holding your hand. I might not speak with you for days and I may live thousands of miles away but I am with you – I am right here. These flowers are for you. You will get through this difficult time. I promise you will. You are so loved.

Please feel free to share this image on Facebook – Here is the link to share or tag your friends or simply click on the image.┬áIt includes the message above. I tag people with it when I hear someone is having an especially difficult day. It has given me such joy to share it and I thought you might like to as well.

Also, I’ve added some new and super easy ways to comment, like, and share The Feeding Edge on Facebook, Google+, and twitter. There is also a very simple “like” at the bottom each post that just marks it liked here.

Have a beautiful and peaceful day!



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