FUSIONMAN To The Rescue!


Did you see the story about the man dressed as Batman who was pulled over on a freeway in Maryland? What was your immediate thought? Mine was he was either a nut job or it was a publicity gimmick. It ends up he’s just a super cool dude doing good in a way that works for him. BRAVO to¬†Lenny (B, as in Batman) Robinson!

If only those of us with AS had our superhero – say a Fusion Man who would STOP fusing before it begins…

Tomorrow begins Spondylitis Awareness month Рto all Rheumatologists out there fighting the good fight Рwe hank you. Please help us share with the world about this group of diseases. They are: Ankylosing Spondylitis, Undifferentiated Spondyloarthropathy, Juvenile Spondyloarthropathy, Psoriatic Arthritis,Reactive Arthritis, and Enteropathic Arthritis. For the best information about Spondylitis please visit the Spondylitis Association of America.



In The Studio today March 30, 2012 I created these two images digitally.

Until Monday!


* A few of you asked about prints of yesterdays piece – I’ve added a link to purchase it – please see yesterdays post for more information.



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