Help us circle the globe! – Why bother? Here’s why…

I am truly stunned by the amazing efforts of everyone contributing steps.


My initial hope was to have some people join me in taking a million steps together as a community. Then I realized, “Wow, maybe we could get a million steps per team or perhaps for some even as an individual challenge!”

So, today I am stunned and hoping for even bigger goals for us all the time. Recently both Michael Smith & Cookie Hopper suggested that we attempt to circle the globe or shoot for the moon! We would need approximately 50 million steps to circle the globe and guess what – I think we might just be able to do that! It won’t be easy. We’ve got to keep up the pace. We have to keep everyone on track and stepping for two more months but I know we can do it.

Some may ask, “why?” or “why bother?” Here’s my answer to THAT…

When I started getting sick it was like my life just fell apart. I couldn’t do anything I was used to doing and although I can do a lot more now that I am taking “steps” and medications to help, I still can’t shake the feeling that I’m “less”-able. I refuse to let that make me “not”-able. Don’t let anyone tell you that just because we have a debilitating disease that often causes us to go on disability that we aren’t ABLE!

Take a stand & make a move –¬†Even, if it is the steps you usually take.

Please – go to the “bother” because it shows us we can take some amount control back from a nasty disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis – Let’s kick A.S. in the behind and Walk our A.S. Off!

This is a grassroots, community based effort. You don’t need to register (meaning I don’t need your name or email or blah, blah, blah.) You don’t need to pay a registration fee – many of these walks are $35 – just to participate! Phewy on that! And, there is NO PRESSURE! You do what you can. We can come together as a community just because. Let’s do a good thing – a very positive, claim your power over A.S., kind of thing. It feels really, REALLY good. So if you haven’t contributed any steps yet – please consider adding some to the collective total. You won’t regret it – I promise! And – get your family and friends backing you up & joining in! Walking a half hour a day is good for all of us.

So….. drumroll please!





totals are…


6,377,103 steps!

*updated 3/16

35,920,232 steps taken!

*Step total as of 4/10/2012

In only Eleven days thirty teams have stepped a total of more than 9 million steps! We CAN circle the globe – please join us to reach the goal!





For more information on how to join us – HERE YA GO!



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