AS Warrior – Tariq Mbanefo Gangari


I am always amazed by the strength and dedication of people who do something instead of thinking of doing something.

And when those people are also dealing with a form of spondylitis and their efforts are physical endeavors – I am in awe! I get tears in my eyes when I see people overcome pain and difficulty.

I recently found out about a gentleman named Tariq who launched an awareness project and website called I Am One. The name means so much – he is one person with AS doing something – he is one of millions with the disease. He heard a calling in his heart to go out and do something – that is where the magic happens in life – when you stop thinking about it and start doing it. And boy is Tariq doing something.

I love his website, his personal story, and his conviction. If you have AS or know someone who does or if you love and admire people who exhibit deep conviction in over coming difficulties in life then please support my friend Tariq!

How can you support him? A quick message, a tweet, and if you are able – few dollars donation. You can even support him by getting one of these cool purple bands (I have one) – it looks great with all my AS support bands. I now have quite a collection going – SAA, NASS, IAAM, Faces, & iAMone!

Here are the places you can  follow Tariq on his Boston to Miami ride –

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter – or @iamONEorguk


He’s been riding for five days so far. Today he made it to Connecticut!


Special thanks to Tariq for his Apple For AS!



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2 comments for “AS Warrior – Tariq Mbanefo Gangari

  1. renee
    September 7, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    an AMAZING man I just recently met on the first leg of his journey.. i feel truly blessed to have met him. as a second grade teacher, we are racking his trip.. great way to incorporate math, writing.. and most importantly, compassion and awarness!!

    • September 7, 2012 at 7:04 pm

      Renee what a wonderful idea for your class. Thank you for supporting Tariq and everyone with Ankylosing Spondylitis via his efforts to raise awareness. And thank you for stopping by here and leaving a comment in support of Tariq! Blessings to you! – Jenna

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