Congratulations To The Spondylitis Community – Over 1000 Apples Created To Date!



I just did a rough calculation of how many apples have been created to date:

365 original apples for the year long Art Apple A Day project.

100 original apples for the Apple A Thon fundraiser for the Spondylitis Association of America

500 – Approximately – Guest Apples made by all of you! (I’m going to get a better count)

+/- 100 Hope & Apples made by the Spondylitis Community!!!

31 original apples for the launch of Apples For A Cure.

1 Apple for the 2010 Holiday Card for the Spondylitis Association of America.

1 NASS Apple made for Gillian Eames!

1 Apple Sponsored by The Positive Pear

1 Apple Sponsored by BJC Health

And a few miscellaneous apples here and there!

That is a LOT of apples created !!!!!


Congratulations to everyone who has helped make this awareness project so successful! Here’s to 100o more!

We’d love to add your apple to our Guest Apples Page!


Love, light, peace, and health,



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