Creativity Knows No Bounds



I decided that for Christmas I wanted to make things for people. Hand made feels good to the maker and most always wonderful to the receiver. We all have so much so what do you give? So for Christmas I wanted to create a doll or two for my niece Parker and nephew Beckett who are 6 and 3.

Where that endeavor has taken me has me completely shocked and amazed and oh so amazingly happy.

I want to make dolls!!!

Wow – who knew! Certainly I didn’t know this but I have been happier these last two weeks than I’ve been in a very long time. Creativity comes out of people in the most unexpected of places. Thankfully at 43 I am able to embrace the thought of being a doll maker where at 20 that would have seemed oh so uncool. It may be uncool now for all I know but I so don’t care! lol

If this is where my love of creating takes me than I’m ready to fully embrace it and love every moment of it.

Have you ever been surprised at a turn in your life? Did it feel kinda scary or maybe like you were insane to contemplate making such an epic and drastic shift? That is where I am right now… and guess what? I’m going to let this roll and see what happens!

Above are the five folk art dolls I made over the past two weeks. Aren’t they awesome! I’m in love with them, that is for sure. I’m in love to the point that the idea of the next one is keeping me up at night. Maybe, just maybe life can be simple. Get inspired, create, sell. That is sounding blissful to me actually.

So I’ve had a HUGE response to these guys so I’m offering up a couple on my over halled Etsy shop. These are made to order so Cinnamon (shown below) was already sent to her forever home but I want to make one of her for you. You see – each one has the person’s name on it so that is why when you order – your doll will look almost like Cinnamon but there will be slight variations since these are made by hand – that is where the magic happens. And – if you love her but want her to be mostly purples – I CAN DO THAT!!!!

Whoop whoop!

Cinnamon will have that amazing hair – that makes her Cinnamon. Other than that we can change her colors out.

To order her please check her out on my Etsy shop and make sure I have your email so that we can make her just so.


Peace, love, and precious things that make you feel good!



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  1. Susan
    December 19, 2012 at 6:35 am

    I love them.

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