Hang On To The Dreams – There IS Hope


Do you know Jennifer?

She is an AS Warrior and a friend. I love her writing and her blog – Live Art.fully. I met Jenn at the beginning of starting my blog a couple of years ago now. We became friends online and then we were lucky enough to have met this last summer when my mom & I traveled to Oregon for a few days.  Jenn and I share a love of art and artful living. We also share AS.

Yesterday Jenn posted some BIG news that has me so very very happy. I wish for everyone what she is experiencing now and I am afraid for her too. A glimpse of our “old selves” as we come out of the crisis years is both thrilling and terrifying. We can’t believe we are starting to feel better and we wonder if it could actually be real. After 6 years of feeling better, I still worry it will all slip away. This is why I say I’m afraid for her – it is worry that I can’t stop for any of us until a day comes when no one has to deal with Ankylosing Spondylitis or any disease. She writes about this transformation so beautifully.

Please take a moment to read her latest post. And if you have a moment, leave her a comment to help her celebrate and hope and connect.



Peace, love, and health!


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