Day 11 – National Coming Out Day, October 11, 2013


Sometimes I will design something and then I see that the design can be altered slightly to incorporate something happening in the world beyond A.S. Awareness.

This happened with my apple from yesterday!

Once I saw that today was National Coming Out Day – I could see how I could slightly alter yesterday’s apple and design a combo Apples For A.S. and pay tribute to today. So here is the slight change. I’ve adjusted the colors to show a modified and dare I say more sophisticated rainbow as well as added the logo door I’ve been seeing in some of the graphics from today in social media.

I love when you can combine two great causes and awareness campaigns! I hope you don’t mind me taking a day to post this apple on the heels of yesterday.

Until tomorrow,




Thank you to everyone who has been interested in purchasing yesterdays apple! It is now available at the link below.

My Store & Apples For AS



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