October 3, 2013 – Apples For AS Day 3!

dayThree Apples For AS2013

Wow, what a long day I’ve had!

I had lunch with my brother, mom, and 4 year old nephew Beckett and then had Beckett over for a few hours of one on one time. We played with Magna Tiles and we built the great wall of China and proceeded to attempt to keep the dragons from crashing through the fortified wall. It amazes me how little boy brains work and I’m enjoying every moment I get to be witness to his life. I feel so very fortunate.

A good day for sure since it included so many people I love. So thinking about LOVE and… APPLES here is Day Two.

Our time together did however leave me with not much creative play left in me!

And then – computer issues! Goodness how life is always a series of obstacles to keep the dragon from crashing through.

So I will have this image on Etsy but not tonight – my bed and my book are calling.

I hope you had a lovely day too.

Until tomorrow,



My Etsy Shop and the October 2013 Apples For AS can be found HERE!

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