October 4, 2013 ORIGINAL Apple For AS

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Some of you may have noticed that the new images I’m creating have a very strong watermark across the image. This is just a watermark that is not on the art you purchase.

Some of you may really not like this – for that I am sorry but I want to explain this to you from the standpoint of an artist.

Actually, I have struggled with the decision BUT – this is what I do to make a living. Which means that I need to be paid not only for my talent but heck – for my time!   I support using images that are truly in the public domain and I actually created the original 365 Apples For AS to be printed for personal enjoyment, inspiration and to be shared on Facebook & Social Media – the point of creating all of those images was for raising awareness which is why I did not watermark my 365 Art Apple A Day apples. I know and love the fact that those apples are now everywhere and I hope because they are everywhere for many years to come and that they continue to raise awareness of Spondylitis!

Many people feel that when a design is on the internet it must be free and “belong” to everyone. I have probably helped contribute to this belief because I have been ok with much of my work being “free” but please take a moment to consider the following.

Do you pay to own music? Do you pay to go to the theater or even to watch a new movie. Do you pay to own a book? Someone created those things. Would you expect any other product to be available to you for free? Slowly people have come to think there is less of a value for 2D creations. Perhaps it is because of the internet where there is so much digital art that IS free. I just want people to take a moment to think about how they use images they get off the internet and perhaps pay it forward by supporting an artist when you can. Have you purchased art directly from an artist whether it be a print or an original? Why not? There is so much licensed art available these days that you can go into Walmart for heavens sake and pay $40 for something pretty and large for your wall. I think that is great but – what did you just buy? Most likely something stolen off the internet in China and printed in – China.

I am really not trying to preach or scold or bitch and moan. I’m just trying to take a moment and hopefully gently remind people that artists have enough mental & emotional baggage without having to worry about not being respected for what they do and then not being compensated for their work. It IS work although I was recently told by someone that I don’t work. One – seriously? And two – I do work, very hard as a matter of fact. I work during lunch, I work before normal office hours and I work late into the night and I work on weekends. I also don’t go to an office and collect a weekly paycheck. So yes, that comment from someone I consider a friend hurt very badly but it tells me that there must be many who think this of artists and specifically me. Well to heck with ya! lol

So please, think before you right click and print. On Etsy you can now purchase digital downloads! So if you love an image – please click the Add To Cart button instead of the right mouse button. My apple images via download are less than a grande latte. Imagine that – is my work worth what you pay for a cup of coffee? I sure hope so. If there is an image you love that you would like available via digital download let me know and I’ll upload it and give you a big thank you!

Anyway, I want to tell you all about how I created this new graphic! I drew the outline of an apple (my apple shape tends to look often just like this one) and then I scanned it and digitally smoothed it out and duplicated it to make a circle or a wreath. I’m sorta in love with it & can’t wait to get a tote bag or stickers or a tee with this on it! See – now I’m buying my own stuff! For the 31 new apples for National Apple Month & Apples For AS, I then took the image and painted it with liquid acrylics on watercolor paper.

To find prints of the watercolor on Etsy go HERE.

For really cool Zazzle gear made with the digital version – go HERE!

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Here is a photo of my studio where I created the digital version!



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