Happy Holidays!


I first want to apologize to everyone.

I went full stop mid October & I wasn’t able to finish the month of Apples For AS. The story is long and I’ll be writing a post to share with you what I’ve been dealing with but honestly, the energy to put it together isn’t available to me at this time.

But, I wanted to let you all know that I’m ok – just not grand. I am however still finding ways to laugh & dance, and of course, fling some glitter around.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season – whatever it is you celebrate in your corner of the world – enjoy and spread peace & love.

Here is my gift to you!

Please feel free to download this watermark free image & use it for printing or making a card or ornament. It is up to you – just for personal use only please. :)

Remember, when life gets difficult – always STAND TALL my lovely AS Warriors!






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