Stories of Support – in our own words.


As a person dealing with Ankylosing Spondylitis, I owe so much to so many people for their constant support, untiring love, and belief in me.  They have been by my side on this journey.

Here are some fellow AS’ers and their stories – I know you will gain insights and support to hear the journey they have been on also.

My Story - in the words of fellow AS'ers




Lisa Russouw

This little note is about me and my journey with AS- also known as Ankylosing spondylitis.

I am writing this for my friends who suffer like I do. I think about you everyday. My heart breaks for your freedom from the constant pain and limitations-and then I rejoice for those who have found relief and can live their lives well. It’s a hidden disease for most of us- because on the outside no one can see what horrific pain is happening on the inside- years and pain make us adapt to it- in a way- we can sit there and smile ( most of the time ) through the kind of pain that make some people cry for narcotics….

I made an agreement with myself- to never seek sympathy or talk about AS too much- or tell people that it limits what I do or should do because I refuse to give it more time and thought anymore. It’s taken enough of me over the past 10 years. [… read more]


Jeannette Hays

At the age of two I was diagnosed with chronic inflammation of the lungs and allergic asthma. I grew up sick, hospitalized a couple times a year. I knew nothing different so perhaps it’s given me an edge in dealing with illness. The joint pain started when I was 16. I assumed it was due to playing basketball and dancing. I remained silent about it as I had learned to hide my illness for the sake of being able to participate in the activities I loved. Over the years the pain steadily increased. I made excuses and put it out of my mind as much as possible. Worked and went to college full time, got my degree in graphic design, and continued to push myself for the future I had planned for my life. […read more]


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  1. Jenna
    December 20, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    I’d like to thank my husband Doug. He has stood by me in my worst of times and he just calmly held strong and always believed in me. His patience, love and humor have helped to make my journey with AS bearable and he is a huge part of my Art Apple A Day success. He is an amazing man and I don’t tell him that often enough. I am a very lucky gal. I love you sweetie!

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