The Blue Apple


On October 1, 2010 I started the year long Art Apple A Day project and painted 365 Apples For AS! On the anniversary of the start of my apple love affair, I am announcing the next step in this journey – Apples For A Cure!

Apples For A Cure is an idea I came up with a few months after I started creating the daily Apples For AS. It was one of my long term goals to be able to continue to use apples as a way to talk about living well with disease, incorporate health and wellness into any discussion of chronic illness, and a big picture way to encompass everyone and move towards the ultimate goal – a CURE! Awareness ribbons are for awareness. I feel that the time is now to move into actively working towards cures and what better symbol could there be to speak of curing illness than the ultimate symbol of health – the apple!

A Blue Apple is for Spondylitis & Arthritis. A yellow apple for cancer, a red apple for HIV/Aids for example. Each disease has a color or a combination of colors. To see a list – check out awareness colors here. Apples For A Cure will use apple images in disease awareness colors to instantly create a symbol for that particular disease cure! Let’s move beyond speaking of awareness and focus on how we can truly keep the doctor away – with CURES!

To celebrate I will be painting and posting and giving away an original blue spondylitis or arthritis apple or any of the diseases that use BLUE as their awareness color. Everyday for the next 31 days I will pick an apple submission out of the apple crate and share who will be receiving that day’s apple!

Here is the page where you can see the apples that were created for the October 2012 launch of Apples For A Cure and who they went to.

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